This is the first advertisement of funds for multi-regional cooperative projects within the focus areas Unikard, NevroNor and Serious Psychiatric Illness. The initiative is rooted in the National Cooperative Council for Medical and Professional Health Research (Norwegian abbreviation NSG), and the Research Council of Norway (Forskningsrådet) administers the advertisement and is handling the applications.

National focus areas for multi-regional projects (NASATS)

This is the first advertisement of funds tied to the national focus areas.

The goal of the programme:

The cooperating entities (among the regional health enterprises and universities) and the National Cooperative Council for Medical and Professional Health Research (NSG) have established national focus areas for medical and professional health research. A national focus area is organized as a network of research environments within a prioritized area. Amongst other things, the network cooperates with regard to the utilization of infrastructure, the implementation of multi-regional research projects with common publication and professional, strategic meetings and conferences. The following objectives and criteria are stated for a national focus area:


Improved research quality and production to the benefit of the health service

Better utilization of the existing resources in research environments

Better multi-regional and/or national coordination of research environments

Increased contributions to the international production of knowledge in the focus area

A national focus area should meet more than one of the following criteria:

The research concerns major illnesses effecting the population

The research can contribute to a better organization of the health service

The focus area contributes to the further development of strong research environments

In general, the Programme/Activity receives applications from:

Researchers/research groups that can normally apply to the cooperating entity in their own region.

Duration: 2012-2015

Total budget:

The cooperating entities in the regions Helse Sør-Øst, Helse Midt, Helse Vest and Helse Nord each contribute NOK 3million annually for 3 years. The Research Council of Norway contributes a supplement consisting of 20% of this amount. The total budget for this advertisement is NOK 43.5 million, which shall cover the new projects’ total project period.

Read more about the advertisement at the Research Council’s homepage.