The Norwegian PhD School of Heart Research is one of ten recently established national research schools. All PhD students within the field of heart research are welcome to take part in the PhD school.

The school offers, without any cost, a framework for national collaborative education of PhD students:

•      Introduction course to basic and clinical cardiovascular medicine

•      Seminars on methods in cardiovascular research

•      Thematic workshops

•      Annual symposium of the Center for Heart Failure Research, September 19-20, 2013 (All expenses will be covered for PhD students).

•      PhD forum

•      Exchange program

Regional contact persons:

University of Tromsø/Northern Norway:  Ole-Jakob How

NTNU/ Mid-Norway: Øivind Rognmo

University of Bergen/Western Norway:  Helga Bergliot Midtbø

University of Oslo/South-Eastern Norway: Ulla Enger