On Tuesday, September 27th, 2011, a working meeting on medical quality registers of cardio-vascular illness was held at Radisson Blu Hotel in Værnes.

The meeting was a cooperative event between UNIKARD, the Cardio-Vascular Register (Norwegian Institute of Public Health, http://www.fhi.no) and SKDE (Clinical Documentation and Evaluation Centre, http://www.skde.no) . The objective of the meeting was to see how the various quality registers of cardio-vascular illness can be developed and later integrated into the common Cardio-Vascular Register. More information about the Cardio-Vascular Register, and the draft towards instructions for the register, can be found here (Norwegian)

It was a relatively intense working meeting with introductions before lunch and group work afterwards. Representatives from the Swedish Swedeheart were present and shared their experiences with us.

Programme (Norwegian)

Presentations (Norwegian) HKR Quality registers meeting 2011-09-27

List of participants HKR Quality registers meeting 27092011