The Research Council of Norway has administrated the first call of NASATS – national projects for cooperation within the areas of UNIKARD, NevroNor and NORSMI (Norwegian Reearch network in Severe Mental Illness).

One project from each of the three priority areas is awarded funding:


Prosjektnummer, Satsingsområde Prosjekttittel Institusjon, prosjektleder
217776Alvorlige psykiske lidelser How do genetic, clinical and treatment factors affect outcome in severe mental disorders? Universitetet i Oslo, Ole A. Andreassen
217777Unikard Treatment of heart failure through exercise training NTNU, Ulrik Wisløff
217780NevroNor Dementia Disease Initiation Akershus universitetssykehus, Tormod Fladby


UNIKARD congratulate Wisløff and his group at NTNU, Department of Circulation and  Medical Imaging!
Description of project:

Treatment of heart failure through exercise training

Heart failure is the end-stage of cardiovascular disease, and heart failure patients have a very poor prognosis. Exercise training has the potential to increase myocardial function and reduce arrhythmias in patients with heart failure. Furthermore, exercise training could also be an effective tool preventing cardiovascular disease. We want to explore the mechanisms by which exercise training improve  myocardial function in heart failure.

The majoraims of this collaborative study are 1) to explore new molecular targets to treat and prevent heart failure and 2) to establish a Norwegian network of scientists, experts in various scientific methods to consolidate heart failure research.

The projectis headed by Professor Ulrik Wisløff, K.G. Jebsen center of Exercise in Medicine, Cardiac Exercise Research Group, NTNU. The main partners in the project are Professor Håvard Attramadal Oslo University Hospital Riksohospitalet, Associate Professor Linda Hildegunn Bergersen and Professor emeritus Jon Storm-Mathisen UiO, Professor Ellen Aasum and Professor Terje Larsen UiT. We collaborate with several national and international research groups which combined constitute experts in myocardial signalling, energy
metabolism, gene regulation, molecular imaging, magnetic resonance (MR) and exercise training in heart failure and heart failure models. The project will be initialized in August 2012.