EU’s Framework Prgramme 7 (FP7) is the world’s largest research programme supporting European and international research cooperation. The last and largest call from FP7 will be announced 12 July 2012 with application deadlines in the autumn 2012 and in spring 2013.

Last draft for FP7, «FP7Health – 2012 orientation paper», can be found in «highlights» here:

 Participation in FP7 is apriority in NTNU’s international Action Plan 2011-2014, and there is a broad support scheme for researchers, including financial incentives. Please see programme with information for registration here: EU Training Programme 2012 . Deadline for registration is May 2.

Researchers not affiliated with NTNU can also participate.  Please contact UNIKARDs research coordinator Charlotte B. Ingul at tel: +47 72 82 80 54, Mob: +47 958 05 886, or email: